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PVC thrown away in the U.S. – and less than 0.5% of that is recycled.


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PVC plastic is nicknamed the poison plastic. It is brimming with dangerous side effects.

Exposure to the toxins emitted from PVC facilities can cause respiratory problems and other serious health issues. It has also been shown to increase the risk of developing cancer—especially in children. Learn more.

It Breaks. It Pollutes. It’s Toxic.

Cataloging PVC pipe breaks, lawsuits and health incidents across the world.

Tainted drinking water led to discovery of leak at northeast Calgary gas station

Tap water in the bathroom at the Fastop Esso smelled so strongly of hydrocarbons that the officer immediately notified health authorities. They shut off the supply and did testing that found levels of carcinogenic benzene, toluene and xylene that were nearly 100 times the safe limit.

Utility crews repair water main breaks in City of Brookfield

“It looks like a stainless steel clamp or saddle failed and it eroded a PVC pipe and from that point the PVC pipe split longitudinally. Very unusual — but it does happen occasionally,” Terry said.

Residents Of Charleston Subdivision Say They’re Fed Up With Water Issues

“[It’s] very frustrating, [we] usually lose our water for the good part of a day and it’s so frequent,” Mike Dearoff, a Yorktowne subdivision resident said. “You’d think, in a new subdivision like this, your utilities would be fairly secure, but we lose our water a lot. At the rate we’re going, we’ll have about 50 breaks over the next year.”

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