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165M Toxic Plastic Particles Floating in NY/NJ Harbor and We’re Probably Eating Them

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One Green Planet – Our obsession with plastic is killing the planet. Over 270,000 tons of plastic debris are believed to be floating around on the surface of the world’s oceans. The California-based 5 Gyres Institute estimates that this is composed of roughly 5.25 trillion plastic particles. However, the particles floating on the surface represent only a small portion of the plastic debris that is held in the oceans as a whole. Around 8.8 million tons of waste find their way into them every single year. Tragically, many marine animals have died after ingesting or becoming entangled in this trash, and 700 marine animal species are threatened with extinction as a direct result of it. The real kicker is the finding that if you consume seafood, you are most likely eating plastic with every mouthful.

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