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The Pemex Vinyl Chloride Plant Explosion

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Product Design & Development – Unless you work in the petrochemical industry, you have probably never been near the substance called vinyl chloride. It is a chlorinated hydrocarbon that is made when one of the four hydrogen atoms in the compound called ethylene is replaced by a chlorine atom.

On the other hand, unless you live in a house whose plumbing is all more than forty or so years old, you probably use products made with vinyl chloride every day.

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) pipes are used in the plumbing of nearly all new residential and business construction, and about 40 million metric tons (units of 1,000 kg) of PVC plastic were made in 2013.

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Flint is being flooded by millions of empty water bottles

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WNDU – The Flint water emergency has brought a lot of water bottles into the city, but only a small percentage of those are recycled. An effort is being made to encourage people to keep the bottles out of landfills and into recycling centers.

“Over a half million cases have been distributed throughout the city of Flint,” said Mike Soboleski, the Schupan Recycling customer service manager.

And that adds up to millions of bottles. Those water bottles that end up in landfills will be there for hundreds of years, slowly decaying.

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