EPR Retail News: Packaging Innovation Part of Wegman’s Commitment to Sustainability

With 92 stores across six states, each offering a minimum of 50,000 products, Wegmans Food Markets customers might not immediately equate the notion of “less is more” with Wegmans. But, when it comes to sustainability and the company’s commitment to reduce waste in landfills and reduce emissions, less truly is more. Packaging innovation is just one example of how the company is delivering on that commitment.

“It’s always important to remember that a food container’s number one job is to protect the food inside. It takes resources to grow that food, and fuel to bring it from the farm to the store, so we want to preserve nature’s investment in this food with containers that protect it all the way to your table,” said Jason Wadsworth, manager of sustainability for Wegmans. “Our job is to make sure packaging is functional, performs as expected, and uses materials efficiently and responsibly. That leaves plenty of opportunity for exploring ways to make packaging more sustainable.”


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