False: PVC pipe is exceptionally durable and corrosion resistant.

True: PVC has only 10% of the impact strength and only 25% of the burst strength of Ductile Iron Pipe.

False: “PVC pipe is a completely recyclable…alternative to traditional corrosion-prone piping materials.” – Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association press release

True: Over seven billion pounds of PVC are thrown away each year in the U.S., and only a fraction of that is recycled – less than .50%. 

False: “PVC lasts in excess of 110 years” – Bruce Hollands, Executive Director of the Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association

True: The service life for modern Ductile Iron Pipe is expected to be at least 105 years. The service life for PVC is less than a fraction of that. Learn more.


False: PVC is the most sustainable piping material available.

True: Ductile Iron Pipe is only the second product in the buried infrastructure industry to earn a coveted Gold rating in the Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability’s SMaRT© certification. It earned high marks for recycled content, exceedingly long life, and the industry’s commitment to innovation in conserving energy and water resources while controlling emissions. Learn more.

False: “PVC has a lower carbon footprint than both ductile iron and recycled ductile iron pipe.” – Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association blog

True: Ductile Iron Pipe’s energy savings result in less CO2 production, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. Learn more.